Functional design of the main building minimizes travel distance between classes using flexible lobby “nodes” for major circulation, both horizontal and vertical. Future additions will link with the nodes in a radial fashion similar to the way a space station adds additional space modules. The school design could be repeated on other sites by rotating the radial “wings” around the lobby nodes to adapt to the differences in site size and proportion.

Liberty Auditorium.jpg

The 1,000 seat auditorium is designed with multiple uses in mind. The area includes inte-grated acoustic wall and ceiling treatment, catwalk accessible stage lighting and second level sound and projection control mezzanine. The drama and Music Departments make full use of the 50’ x 42’ stage, hosting numerous events throughout the year. The auditorium allows the entire student body to be together for special events and attracts local and regional events making the school a “good neighbor” to the community.

Liberty - greenhouse.JPG

Aquaculture & Aquaponic Technology

The agrisciences are housed in a separate building with classrooms and shop areas. Attached to the agriscience building are three greenhouses that contain bedding plants, vegetables and aquaculture. The aquaculture/aquaponic technology class has three large fish tanks where fish are raised in a symbiotic relationship with hydroponics gardening.