In addition to our ongoing work across West Tennessee, in 2018 we were a part of:

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Our firm works with local and state agencies to help communities apply for and carry out grant funding
for parks, recreation, transportation and infrastructure improvements.

Civil Engineering Services

Infrastructure and Development Planning Engineering Studies & Reports
Roads, Highways, & Bridges
Commercial Site Development
Construction Engineering & Inspection

Storm Water & Drainage
Gas Utilities
Pretreatment Program Development
Utility Rate Analysis

Commercial & Residential Subdivisions
Park and Recreation Facilities
Water Distribution
Sanitary Sewer Collection
 Construction Administration


Site Development - Private & Industrial

Discovery Park of America

Lift Wellness Center

West Tennessee Veteran's Cemetery

Parks & Greenways

We work with communities to create public spaces for recreation, athletics and connection, often helping municipalities secure grant funding for projects that enhance the quality of life in West Tennessee.

pine hill park

Pine Hill Park

Brian Brown Memorial Greenway

Downtown Martin Splash Pad

Veteran's Park


Medina Community Park Splash Pad


Downtown Paris Mini Park


Medina Community Park  


Humboldt Downtown Park

Roadways & Bridges:


Dr. F.E. Wright Drive




Bridge Replacement

Downtown Enhancement

TLM is proud to have worked on dozens of grant funded projects that have transformed downtown districts, while improving pedestrian safety and encouraging pedestrian traffic. Many of these projects have spurred investment and redevelopment in underdeveloped business areas by creating environments that are inviting to the public and appealing to new investors. TLM provides assistance with the grant application, design, construction and inspection, and owner reimbursement, streamlining the process for the municipalities that take advantage of these grant opportunities.


Trenton Downtown


Parsons Downtown


Martin Downtown Enhancement


Linden Downtown

Utility Projects | Water/Sewer

Many communities have water and sewer systems that are reaching the end of their life cycle, and the pumps, pipe, and metering systems installed in the 60s, 50s, and earlier are in need of replacement. TLM has experience with utility projects ranging from sewer collection and treatment, water distribution and treatment, to water and sewer rehabilitation projects. We are deeply familiar with the many available loan and grant opportunities for funding of these projects. Our thorough understanding of the design, coupled with our long standing relationships with these funding agencies, assure you the best possible chance of securing the funding necessary for the successful completion of your next infrastructure improvement project.

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